Miscellaneous Projects

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While all my domains and websites are hosted on the same server, Spire is a subdomain hosted by another server. Spire is my backup status website. If the server all my websites are on goes down, Spire will be the go-to website which will tell you what’s going on and give you updates! Pretty handy, isn’t it?


Archives is the place for all things past.


Gifts is a subdomain for Lysianthus’s online gifts to her friends. When her gifts are webpages or online materials, this is their home. This subdomain is protected, however.


VVVVVV is a place of nonsense. Sometimes, Lysianthus puts temporary projects here. Most often, this is where she just messes around.

Throwaway Headquarters

Throwaway Headquarters is the headquarters for all of Lysianthus’s throwaway websites.