Personal Projects

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Affelius is a creative website owned and managed by Lysianthus. This is where she archives, publishes, and showcases her creative works, such as written articles, illustrations, attempts in color adjustment and image manipulation, personally-taken photographs, design concepts, website templates, simple to complex web programs, online experiments, and many other original creations. Simply put, Affelius is Lysianthus’s creative repository.


Asclaria is Lysianthus’s umbrella network. All of her personal websites, cliques, fanlistings, fansites, shrines, tributes, and miscellaneous projects are under this umbrella.


Lysianthus is Lysianthus’s personal homepage. This is her “home base”. Her accounts to other websites as well as her contact information can be found here.

Paper Carvings

Lysianthus is a personal blog, subtitled “Introspection and a Character Study.”


Leprd is a free web hosting service.