Welcome to Asclaria, my (Lysianthus’s) umbrella network. All of my personal websites, cliques, fanlistings, fansites, shrines, tributes, and miscellaneous projects are under this umbrella.

Umbrella? What?

I decided to call Asclaria an “umbrella” network, because it does exactly what an umbrella does. It is a thing that “includes or contains many different elements or parts”. In this context, the elements referred to are my various online projects.

What’s in a name?

The network name “asclaria” came from nothing; it is a random combination of my favorite letters, sounds, and syllables from the English alphabet.

Asclaria didn’t start as asclaria, however. It had undergone many name revamps. This umbrella network was once called Lyffae, Lyqei, Ephevatic, Lascuvia, Clyre, Clyris, and Clyrant. It was the unending search for the original name that both looks and sounds good. Asclaria was chosen for its first launch.


This network runs on a few domains. They are:

Each domain is a sub-umbrella.

Content Breakdown

Ideally, Asclaria is...

Browse the network to be enlightened.


The current design features a character graphic from Diabolik Lovers rendered by keary23. Special thanks!

Asclaria’s source code is public on Github, too.