Welcome to Asclaria, my (Lysianthus’s) umbrella network. All of my personal websites, cliques, fanlistings, fansites, shrines, tributes, and miscellaneous projects are under this umbrella.

Umbrella? What?

I decided to call Asclaria an “umbrella” network, because it does exactly what an umbrella does. It is a thing that “includes or contains many different elements or parts”. In this context, the elements referred to are my various online projects.


This network runs on a few domains. They are:

Each domain is a sub-umbrella.

Content Breakdown

Ideally, Asclaria is...

Browse the network to be enlightened.


The current design features a character graphic from Diabolik Lovers rendered by keary23. Special thanks!

Asclaria’s source code is public on Github, too.